Ad Capita is a retained executive search firm assisting leading companies with the identification, assessment and development of outstanding executive talent. 

With an unbeatable reputation for meeting client expectations, candidate focus and attention to detail, we consequently have an enviable portfolio of loyal world class clients across sectors. We have a truly international background. While operating directly in Portugal and Spain we can provide assistance globally through our worldwide affiliated offices.

We can help you go further.




We don’t just scratch the surface.

Diving deep for your success

Finding exceptional people to lead true successful business lies often in small and hidden details. It requires a meticulous and profound insight into how to provide the most exciting and seamless way to meet client’s expectations.

Top to bottom knowledge

We help you take the long view in developing comprehensive strategies to identify and nurture your leadership talent needs. We provide knowledgeable, creative and flexible executive search and development service models.

How we find treasure

We are inspired by the dramatic changes in executive talent complex ecosystems.
With our mastery of research processes and assessment systems we will challenge you to think deeper and achieve strikingly better results.



We operate in 60+ affiliated offices across 36 countries and 6 continents.


We can offer you high caliber executive search and talent advisory support on a global scale, combining an outstanding 30 year’s track record, an impressive local market knowledge and highly personalised professional service.



You are never far away from one of our consultants. Wherever you need us we will be working closely providing the expertise and advice you need.

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Research & Insights




We are at the heart of challenges and debates on global talent landscapes and the impact in your business.

We help you to see it first from higher ground.


COVID-19 Global Business Impact Outlook

The World was taken by surprise and what we once took for granted as small gestures of our daily routine has now been put to the test.  Doubt and uncertainty overcame business communities worldwide. Employers and employees were forced to face new paradigms to which they had to answer fast and in the most efficient […]

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Meet the new C-suite leader: The chief well-being officer

Companies today face an ever-changing business climate and growing competition from all over the world. With that comes increasing pressure to accommodate and counter those challenges. The lines between work and life have become blurred. Companies are only as productive as their people — and their people are coping with strenuous demands. Hence the need […]

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2020 M&A Activity

During difficult economic times, many businesses circle the wagons and take a conservative approach until the economy recovers. Other companies take the opposite approach and use the downturn to make opportunistic decisions that provide superior value during a bear market. As we reached the half-way point of the year, it’s fair to say we’ve never […]

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