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The Financial Services industry has become increasingly complex with pressures from new regulatory regimes, transparency requirements and the necessity to balance anticipated growth with smaller margins. Companies need agile, strategic leaders who can lead them through change. Ad Capita team supports our clients in achieving their business goals by finding, developing, and engaging high impact, innovative talent. Our teams are strategically located in key financial centers and help our clients attract talent, accelerate leadership development and ensure smooth executive transitions.

The financial services market is in transformation mode. Increasing regulatory requirements, volatile capital markets and change in sales models are the driving factors. In order to meet today’s consumer’s needs, companies have adapted to changes. Driving these changes and manage the implementation of new corporate culture and mindset is the challenge for Executives in the time of digitalization.


Consumer Health | Healthcare Services | Medical Technology | Pharmaceuticals



Our specialist search consultants bring deep industry experience and insight to help your organization navigate toward its most critical growth objectives – be they clinical, commercial, regulatory or operational in scope.

The challenges of diverse populations in established and emerging markets require increasingly innovative technologies, services, and products. Our clients need visionary leaders who can anticipate and navigate future market developments to stay ahead of change. Our Life Sciences Industry practice brings extensive sector expertise to solve these challenges, with an exemplary network across the globe that continues to strengthen as we recruit senior talent at some of the leading firms across the industry.

We serve clients ranging from seed capital stage medical device, biotechnology/biopharmaceutical, medical technology, genomics, life science companies, and publicly traded development stage companies to fully integrated, global pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic manufacturers and marketers. We also have a broad client base of integrated delivery systems, managed care companies and hospitals as well as healthcare information technology information systems enterprises such as clinical data systems, healthcare informatics, and healthcare-focused Web application companies.


Clean Tech | Coal & Mining | Construction & Procurement | Power, Oil & Gas | Renewable and Green Energy | Transmission & Distribution | Water & Waste Management



The Natural Resources and Energy Practice Group serves one of the most important and dynamic market segments in the world today. Business in the fast-changing Energy economy faces constant change. Leadership and vision are now more important than ever. Technical skills alone are no longer sufficient. To make sense of the complexity they face, leaders need to synthesize lessons learned from the past and create viable strategies and sustainable advantages.
The world energy map is changing. Every global player, established domestic leader, emerging Independent producer with an international footprint, or even a fast-growing state-owned enterprise must understand and take advantage of the corporate and technical options available.

When companies face these market disruptions, we ensure they have the right executives in place to lead them through these changes, and protect their company’s intellectual property and most valuable assets. We understand the importance of making sure our clients have agile, strategic leaders who can lead them through adverse times. Now more than ever, energy sector executive talent must be prolific and possess savvy strategic skills.


Consumer Services Electronics & Consumer Durables | Entertainment, Media & Communications | Food, Beverage and Health & Beauty | Leisure, Travel & Hospitality | Luxury & Branded Goods | Retail



We understand what it takes to stand out in one of the most competitive business environments in the world. Our global Consumer & Retail Practice Group brings deep sector expertise and trusted industry relationships to serve clients in a variety of consumer and retail categories. We fulfill executive search mandates in marketing, sales, finance, distribution, and general management. 

Our experience and network allow us to selectively introduce in-demand talent from other industries to backfill critical roles where sector talent is not readily available. In more than 30 countries our practice members counsel and mentor leaders throughout their careers giving us a unique level of sector intimacy and insight around the world. From High Street Retailers through International Food Chains, Global Online Retailers and Market Leaders in Sport and Luxury, our retail team provides clients with unique talent solutions across the globe.


Agricultural Equipment & Machinery | Agri-Industry Associations and Cooperatives | Biotechnology | Commodity Trading & Agricultural Finance | Crop Production | Farm and Ranch Management | Food Processing | Forestry and Related Products | Precision Agriculture



Agribusiness and agriscience are critical elements of society in that they touch on health, nutrition, safety, science, environment, government and increasingly – politics on a global scale. The future for industries serving these markets is both exciting and complex. To feed the world, production must double by 2050, while dealing with constraints such as political issues, water, price volatility, and the need for more sustainable practices. Our Agribusiness and Agriscience Practice Group understand these dynamics and bring localized market knowledge to search projects on either a global or region-specific basis. We execute search mandates in every functional area of agriculture, agribusiness, and agriscience.


Communication Systems | Consulting Services | Information Technology | Internet / E-commerce| Software, Hardware & Electronics



Working with early-stage and established market leaders around the world, our Technology Practice Group brings direct industry experience and perspective to every client assignment. Our relationships across technology sectors accelerate the process and connect our clients with the ideas, innovations, and leaders needed to commercialize the next technological breakthrough.

The emergence of Digital Transformation with e-commerce and omnichannel marketing have disrupted the foundations of how many companies do business today. Tomorrow’s leaders must build strong competencies in digital transformation immediately or risk becoming obsolete.

With the scale of cybercrime skyrocketing in recent years, it is now among the top threats for all global industries. As organizations need to secure and manage proprietary data, including financial information, healthcare records or other private data, information management and security are more important than ever. This is why finding the right Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers or Information Security executives is critical for many organizations. 

Our IT, Digital Media, and Telecommunications expertise coverage areas include:

  • Innovation
  • Internet of Things
  • Media Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Digital
  • Cyber Security

Educational Support & Service Organizations | Higher Education / Universities / Colleges | Private & Public Sector Organizations | Research Bodies & Institutes | Senior Academic & Management Appointments



Now more than ever, the not-for-profit and public sectors need leaders with innovative ideas and approaches to help revolutionize public service standards that meet a broad spectrum of market forces. Ad Capita has engaged with clients in not-for-profit and public sectors to address the needs of academic institutions, associations, hospitals, government, human services or arts and culture.

Our Higher Education & Not For Profit teams understand that with all the changes in governance and calls for transparency, there is a need for strong leadership and effective delivery. Ad Capita helps our clients find these world-class senior leaders who have the skills and flexibility to work with staff, boards, auditors, peer agencies, treasuries, donors, sponsors and funding bodies in order to develop and execute innovative solutions.

Audit, Tax and Accounting | Consulting Firms | Legal, Risk and Compliance | Professional & Membership Organisations | Real Estate



The world of professional services firms is rapidly growing, both in developed economies and in those where development is newer and happening with the growth they are experiencing along with their clients. Many of the professional services firms have become or are becoming global in their geographic scope.

To thrive in a professional services environment, candidates need not only sophisticated functional expertise, but the skills to drive business development, communicate with Executive teams and inspire their own., and the credibility to engage and impress clients and colleagues alike. Our Professional Services Industry practice brings extensive sector expertise to solve these challenges.

Our professional services team assists organizations with the critical long-term decisions associated with performance management, succession planning, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and executive talent benchmarking. As the global recovery takes hold in the highly competitive professional services marketplace.


Automotive | Engineering & Construction | Manufacturing | Metals, Chemicals & Processing | Plastics, Paints & Chemicals | Transportation & Distribution


Global Challenges

Transformative change best describes the day to day business challenges across the global industrial sector. Whether in strategy or operations, distribution logistics, financial or in the convergence of technology and manufacturing, change requires the right leadership to drive increasing value for customers in today’s leaner environment.

Clients of our Industrial/Production Practice Group operate on a global level and include some of the world’s largest and most recognized Original Equipment Manufacturers and components producers across industry sectors. Our team recruits world-class leaders from top-level management to functional roles including marketing, sales, finance, human resources and operations. 

Today, the energy, industrial and manufacturing sectors are at a crossroads. Impacted by resource supply and demand, fiercer competition and an aging workforce, companies must be innovative, in order to transform their business models. At Ad Capita, we help our clients cope with the critical need for agile leadership through careful screening of candidates that possesses both overall operational expertise and industry-specific expertise.


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