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The Natural Resources and Energy Practice Group serves one of the most important and dynamic market segments in the world today. Business in the fast-changing Energy economy faces constant change. Leadership and vision are now more important than ever. Technical skills alone are no longer sufficient. To make sense of the complexity they face, leaders need to synthesize lessons learned from the past and create viable strategies and sustainable advantages.
The world energy map is changing. Every global player, established domestic leader, emerging Independent producer with an international footprint, or even a fast-growing state-owned enterprise must understand and take advantage of the corporate and technical options available.

When companies face these market disruptions, we ensure they have the right executives in place to lead them through these changes, and protect their company’s intellectual property and most valuable assets. We understand the importance of making sure our clients have agile, strategic leaders who can lead them through adverse times. Now more than ever, energy sector executive talent must be prolific and possess savvy strategic skills.


Placement of General Manager for a PSI20 listed oil & gas company, to represent and carrying out of all E&P activities in Angola.


Placement of General Manager for a French multinational corporation global leader in water, electricity and natural gas supply and waste management.


Placement of Power Plant Site Director for a Fortune 500 company and a major global player in the fossil-fuel and renewable energy generation arenas.


Placement of VP Sales for the sub-Saharan operations of an Australian group with a particular emphasis on Metals & Mining and Oil & Gas.


Placement of Exploration Managers for for the upstream activities of a leading oil & gas corporation particularly focused in the Middle East.


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